About Me, This page is more about you than me.

Hello there, Welcome to Success Factory and you may be here to learn something about me.

Before I can tell you anything about me, I want you to understand that this site is not about me. This site is about you. You are someone who is connected with the software industry and that is why you are here.

You may be a fresher who completed your education in computer science and now want to mesmerise the world with your coding skills.

You may be a software engineer who has already spent between 2 to 5 years in a software company and have already built some cool stuff and know what it is like to be a software engineer.

You may be a senior software engineer who has earned this badge of honour where the industry recognises your talent and are in demand where ever you go.

You may be a technical lead who not only gets his stuff done but also helps other team members to get their stuff done and are progressing steadily in direction of becoming an architect or manager.

You may be a manager who has spent time managing software teams and delivering software projects that matter to your company and the client.

You may be an architect who is constantly testing the edges of technology and stretching it to a level that leads to new discoveries and innovations that the world is in awe of.

Who ever you are if you are in some ways connected to the software industry then this site is for you.

This is a Success Factory, a turning imagination to reality blog in the software industry space. What do I know about software industry? Not a lot. But I know something.

From the little that I have learned when working in this industry since 1995, I have developed a unique lens of looking at this industry and unlocking the secrets of success in this industry. This is place where people come with lots of hopes and dreams. Few become the like of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zukerburgs of the world. Others struggle to make their ends meet.

So this site is more about this Software Industry and you as part of this Industry.

My mission is to show you what it means to become great in this industry. I want to share ideas, insights, tools and tactics that will help you to advance in your career at a 3x to 4x faster speed than you are doing now. I want you to become 10x times better in everything you do than what you are doing now.

You will find great ideas out here. Like, what to do when you have to master a totally new technology? how to become more productive? How to interview users to be able to build the best software? and much more.

You will find great insights here, Like, where is the software industry heading? what are the new technological changes happening? who are the movers and shakers of the industry? and much more.

You will find great tools, Like, ultimate guide to goal setting and achieving. ultimate guide to building software from design to deployment. and much more.

You will find great tactics, Like, how to manage time? how to manage energy? how to handle hackethon? and much more.

So here you will find the best ideas, insights, tools and tactics to help you advance your career. My humble effort is to be able to give you maximum value that you can derive from this blog. That is the reason I call this “Success Factory” and our collective slogan will be “Turining Imagination to Reality”.

My imagination is to make this the best resource for software professionals at every level. You can turn any of your imagination like getting that promotion, working for cutting edge technology, disrupting the status quo and becoming the best, to reality.

The Biggest pleasure for both of us would be when you can advance your career at rate of 3x to 4x times what you are doing today and become 10x times better than what you are today.

So keep reading, sharing and coming back for more.

Hope that we could help you with this site in some ways. Your visit to this site is an untold appreciation of our work. Thank you for the same.

Have a great day.

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